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Our History


There is limited data available on LGBT older adults, and even less for LGBT older adults of color, making this population more likely to be under represented and underserved. Throughout 2012/2013 we conducted focus groups and attended community events to identify effective outreach for engaging LGBT older adults of color.  We solicited an outreach team of LGBT community stakeholders of color in the fall of 2013 and called ourselves “LGBT Elders of Color”.  In February 2013 for Black History Month, an awareness raising social event was launched.  It was themed “Flashback Sunday”, harkening back to life in the days when house parties and a few local gay bars were the only outlets for self-expression.   We expected about 25-30 people to attend but nearly 100 people showed up.  It was an enormous success by any measure and sited by many as “long overdue”.  With the support of small grants and private donations, LGBT Elders of Color has held dozens of Flashback Sunday events with a focus on social engagement, intergenerational discussions and information forums for healthy aging and resources. 

Flashback Sunday Pride Party

Sunday, June 16, 2019 

Central Boston Elders Services

2315 Washington St, Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Join Flashback Sunday / LGBT Elders of Color, Friends and Supporters for a Pride Celebration with food, friends and music!

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